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About Me

Welcome Fellow Nihonto Enthusiasts!


I have been collecting and studying Japanese swords for nearly a decade. While I collect other items, Japanese swords have always had a special place in my heart. Early in life I fell in love with the Japanese culture, and particularly the culture surrounding the samurai themselves. I suspect many of you would agree that Nihonto embody many of the finest qualities of the Japanese culture, as well as some of that nation’s very fascinating history. 

Nihonto are an incredible variety of collectibles. While they can be expensive, there is a reason that they are. Anything as beautiful as a Japanese sword is worth cherishing, and things that are worth cherishing are never cheap. 

For now the only swords I have on my site are swords from my own collection. Studying Nihonto requires two forms of experience, that available from books, and that which you get by holding swords in your hands. I have a good size collection of Nihonto books as well, but I do not sell those for the most part. Swords however are another story…

To learn from a sword you own is a great honor, but the cost of these items is so high that owning more than a few of them as a form of a permanent collection is often difficult to facilitate. For that reason I tend to sell swords I have already had the opportunity to study, and in doing so have the chance to learn from other swords I would otherwise not be able to afford. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions about items that you may be interested in, and do not be afraid to make offers.

Sold items are marked sold. Other items are available if not marked as sold. 

Please email me at the below address if you are interested in an item.

I hope you will enjoy the swords!


John A. Shea, MD